As a human, Evie can do one thing none of the paranormals – oh, do you see all those creatures like werewolves, fairies, vampires…? It turns out they actually exist – can. She has no supernatural abilities in punching people – though she is pretty good at it – like the mortal bite of vampires or the incredible strenght of werewolves; she can see trough the ‘glamour’ – kind of a human-featured magic mask – the paranormals wear to hide their nature to humans and other paranormals. Being able to recognize a paranormal in one look where everyone else sees just a human comes on hand with the job she does: Evie works with IPCA, an organisation that hunts and neutralize the paranormals that are dangerous for human population and – tanks to her ‘special vew’ – she is the most efficient paranormals hunter even without paranormals abilities.

Oh, and she likes pink. She really, really likes pink.

But one day, at the Center – the IPCA Center where Evie lives – shows up a paranormal, Lend, she has never seen before. He will show her a different side of IPCA and paranormals and so completely reverse her vision of the world and her place in it. By this time, fairies take care of complicate this already complicated situation with unwished gift, freaky profezies and just their presence on the planet. Lend will have is part to play in all this mess.


This triology’s humour, thrill, emotions and suspense are really worth the pain of reading it – you will have so much fun it won’t even be painful. And at the end of it, you will reconsider your opinion of pink: desesperately fall in love with it as the cutest color in universe or ever want to hear about it again.