Yes, I know: it is weird. But Zorro – see the guy? Black horse, black mask, a blade, incredible abilities in punching the various captains, sergents and saulgers of the spanish government in Mexico around 1800… ? Him – wasn’t actually born as the hero of a moovie, but as a book character. Yeah, you know, book: a lot of letters trying to form meanings, words, sentences, stories. This kind of things.

And if mostly all of you know Zorro as the various moovies paint him, do you think you know the mysterious original – we are talking of a 1919 book – character?


Señor Zorro is known all around Mexico as an highwayman, an ennemy of the governor, a thief. The curse of the army.

But in fact, he is a friend of the oppressed, riding up and down El Camino Real to punish the men that mistreat innocent, defenceless and so on and so forth – yeah, big stuff. Among other things, there is a reward for his capture, and the men of the army follow his each and every step.

By this time, Don Diego Vega, the richest and most powerful youth in Mexico, is searching for a wife. It shouldn’t be difficult for one of his fortune and beauty… if he only was more of a man and less… lifeless. For Don Diego finds his interest only in music and the poets and is unable to use a blade – even to use it to cut butter. He is definitely not a man of action and has no will to court a señorita to win her heart. For this reason Señorita Lolita, on whom he make his choice for a wife, refuses.

To complicate things, also Señor Zorro decides to pay his adresses to the señorita, forcing Don Diego to fight for her heart…


Join them reading The mark of Zorro, by Johnston McCulley. For whom will you vote in the competition for the señorita’s hearth?