The Chaos of Stars

Isadora seems to be spending her whole life being wrong. She’s wrong, then again she’s wrong, and finds out she’s still wrong, wrong, wrong. She’s wrong about her family, she’s wrong about her friends, she’s wrong about herself. She’s always wrong.

And she won’t last forever.

Isadora has a really special family she has no place in. When she finds out, her world stops turning: her parents may be immortals – did I tell you egyptian gods are still alive?, but they don’t love her hard enough to keep her with them forever. They do not love her at all.

“Don’t worry kiddo, you may be going to die – in fact, you  are  going to… , but it’s OK ’cause your cat will be with you in the afterlife!”

Yeah, now I feel better.

So when her first occasion to escape her family shows up, she takes her fly to San Diego and joins her brother Sirius. But there again, things turn out to be more complicated then she first thought.

San Diego turns out to be not far enough for Isadora to feel free from her mother’s control; so she finds herself doing everything her mother told her not to do. By this time, strange dreams find her asleep. She keeps dreaming her mother lost in the darkness and herself doing nothing but watching. But she won’t trust those dreams. Her biggest concern is a boy, a boy with curly dark hair and suggesting blue eyes…


If you didn’t find yourself reading the 2013 book by Kiersten White (author of the Paranormalcy triology) The Chaos of Stars, then you have no idea of what you are missing if you do not hurry for the nearest library (or reach for your kindle/kobo) and own this thrillering, funny and emotioning novel.

But first, if I were you I would have a look at Paranormalcy : it’s worth the click!