Cassia Reyes is a young 17 year old girl living in The Society, a place where EVERYTHING is decided from the day one is born to the day of one’s death. And, to make matters worse, there is even a little ceremony called the Match Banquet in which one is matched with an anonymous partner for the rest of his or her life.

Cassia is a girl (girls always have problems in books) and is also the main character in this story so she will have the same difficulties as the other people living there only squared. But she won’t have to face it all alone thanks to the help of her best friend and neighbour Xander Carrow who will try his best to prevent Cassia from having meltdowns in public.

In a dystopian world filled with unknown faces, the constant monotony of everyday life, in a place where no one can choose, where people are just simple machines in the hands of crazy puppeteers (the Officials), Cassia will have to solve more problems that she had ever planned. Is she the chosen one who will have to fight in a battle of one against a thousand? Coud Love be the answer to all her questions? Is she the missing piece of the puzzle? Will she face all the challenges and obstacles that come her way? Does a young girl have the courage to take the whole weight of a world in chaos and ruin on her shoulders? Will she be the key to the salvation of humanity or the cause of its destruction? She is left with two possibilities : taking risks to free humanity from the wrath of the Society or seeing the world slowly fall into decay knowing she will not have done anything to save it.

But how can she choose if choice has been taken away from her? She will have to fight against injustice and bring back the one thing that everyone is longing for : the power to choose.

Watched by Society, Trapped by Rules, Freed by Love?



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