Two girls and a glass mirror

The girl let her hair down and stared at her reflection in the glass mirror. Gold trims gently laced her wrists and a gorgeous blue dress, which was a little too exuberant for her tastes, cascaded down to the floor. She looked beautiful. But it was only when she met her emerald-green eyes staring back at her that she truely understood how much she had changed. 

She was no longer that cheerful and joyful little girl with long dark hair and freckles she thought she knew so well. That simple little child who would brace her tiny little hands around her mother’s neck with a saddened expression and tears which would slowly dripple down her face, leaving bitter trails of loneliness.

What she wouldn’t have given to be able to feel her mother’s warm and gentle hands wrapped around her, reassuring her and protecting her from all harm and evil. It had been 5 years since Ryna had died and it seemed like only the day before was the last time she had felt that loving and motherly touch on her soft, sweet face.

Why was that young women so different than what she had expected to see? She was almost disappointed. All that laughter, all that happiness had faded away, leaving a more expressionless and mysterious person who was now staring back at her in the mirror. Who was that other girl and why was she staing at her like that? She thought she knew. She wished she could ask her all those questions that were spinning around in her head, almost making her dizzy. Was she really staring at someone else, someone else’s reflection in the same mirror?

Suddently it hit her and, right then and there, she realized, for the first time in her life, that she had never really known who she was. She had always preferred to pretend to be someone different, someone new, someone special…in vain. She stared at her reflection and wondered what could have prevented her from notecing something so obvious. Was she so different than before that not even her refection coud recognise her? She had almost manged to convince herself that she was not the same person anymore, that what she saw in the mirror wasn’t all that it seemed. Eventually, persuasion got the better of her and, in that same moment, one thought slowly started twisting and intertwining to make its way into her now helpless mind…

She did not even know her own reflection.

And, as if she had been in a dream, the girl heard one distinct sound, as clear yet as fragile as glass; just one simple sound, a human voice but she was sure she hadn’t spoken…

help – her reflection said.