The storyteller’s daughter

We all know the tales she told for a thousand and one nights, but do we truly known her own story, the tale of Sherazad’s life?


Trapped in a palace of treachery and fear, surrounded by hearts full of hatred and sorrow, Sherazad has to step out for her choices and follow her mother’s footsteps to save a king and his land… or lose everything she holds dear, starting with her own head. Will she be brave enough to see the hearth of the king and show him her own and so be the one to break the curse born from cruelty and treachery… or will treachery bring everything into darkness again and forever?

It is her destiny and her choice, her skills will save her and the whole kingdom, or condemn them forever.


In a dreamy landscape brought to life by the words of the storyteller herself, we walk through the story of Sherazad, Sharayar, Sharaman and Dinarzad. Written in a style close to the one from the ancient tales, ‘The storyteller’s daughter’ is a retelling of ‘The Arabian Nights’ which brings to light elements unknown to most without losing the essence of the ancient tale. The story of the main character — easily forgotten — is made close to our time, for Once Upon a Time is timeless. It is the first book from the ‘Once upon a time’ saga, a group of books holding the secrets of the most known stories.

The book is highly recommended to those who are never tired of hearing the tales that made them dream with their eyes open so many times already… and to those who think a tale can’t bring us anything new once we heard it the first time: you will be surprised! ‘The Storyteller’s daughter’ will bringh you straight back to a time of Kings and Magic you thought far gone and will discover to be not so far from our reality after all; it will bring you to places you thought you knew as the back of your hand, just to have you realise even your own hand can tell a different tale if watched from another angle.

Do you think you know everything about the ancient tales? Do you think ‘The Arabian Nights’ or ‘Sleeping beauty’ can’t keep any secret from you? It is then time you tested you knowledge with ‘The storyteller’s daughter’…