No big deal…

I know I’m going to break your heart, but I have to: J. K. Rowling didn’t invent heroes. Harry Potter is just one of a multitude of characters that can fit in the hero-mold. The hero-mold is a plot, a hero-machine old of millennia. It always works the same way. It has been thought to … Continue reading No big deal…


The storyteller’s daughter

We all know the tales she told for a thousand and one nights, but do we truly known her own story, the tale of Sherazad's life?   Trapped in a palace of treachery and fear, surrounded by hearts full of hatred and sorrow, Sherazad has to step out for her choices and follow her mother's … Continue reading The storyteller’s daughter

Reluctant concubine

A breath-tacking novel in a fantastic ancient island where people can heal the worst injuries with the power of their spirit, where lords and kings rule over servants and slaves, where a Forgotten City hides the knowledge of the world, where a girl fights against her past, besides her present and for her future. A … Continue reading Reluctant concubine