No big deal…

I know I’m going to break your heart, but I have to: J. K. Rowling didn’t invent heroes. Harry Potter is just one of a multitude of characters that can fit in the hero-mold. The hero-mold is a plot, a hero-machine old of millennia. It always works the same way. It has been thought to … Continue reading No big deal…


The storyteller’s daughter

We all know the tales she told for a thousand and one nights, but do we truly known her own story, the tale of Sherazad's life?   Trapped in a palace of treachery and fear, surrounded by hearts full of hatred and sorrow, Sherazad has to step out for her choices and follow her mother's … Continue reading The storyteller’s daughter

Reluctant concubine

A breath-tacking novel in a fantastic ancient island where people can heal the worst injuries with the power of their spirit, where lords and kings rule over servants and slaves, where a Forgotten City hides the knowledge of the world, where a girl fights against her past, besides her present and for her future. A … Continue reading Reluctant concubine


The Chaos of Stars

Isadora seems to be spending her whole life being wrong. She's wrong, then again she's wrong, and finds out she's still wrong, wrong, wrong. She's wrong about her family, she's wrong about her friends, she's wrong about herself. She's always wrong. And she won't last forever. Isadora has a really special family she has no … Continue reading The Chaos of Stars



As a human, Evie can do one thing none of the paranormals - oh, do you see all those creatures like werewolves, fairies, vampires...? It turns out they actually exist - can. She has no supernatural abilities in punching people - though she is pretty good at it - like the mortal bite of vampires … Continue reading Paranormalcy