No big deal…

I know I’m going to break your heart, but I have to: J. K. Rowling didn’t invent heroes. Harry Potter is just one of a multitude of characters that can fit in the hero-mold. The hero-mold is a plot, a hero-machine old of millennia. It always works the same way. It has been thought to … Continue reading No big deal…


L’importanza di chiamarti amore

Un romanzo... D'amore. Quello che chiameremmo amore fine a se stesso. Niente epiche battaglie, considerazioni profonde o avventure mozzafiato. Il libro, fin dal titolo, parla da sé, perciò non sprecheremo fiato a rovinare la storia spendendo inutili parole sulla trama, indegne di riferirsi a un sentimento tanto nobile. Che poi si sa, in amore a … Continue reading L’importanza di chiamarti amore

Two girls and a glass mirror

The girl let her hair down and stared at her reflection in the glass mirror. Gold trims gently laced her wrists and a gorgeous blue dress, which was a little too exuberant for her tastes, cascaded down to the floor. She looked beautiful. But it was only when she met her emerald-green eyes staring back … Continue reading Two girls and a glass mirror